EndoTrap® Leakage ELISA

for the quantitative determination of EndoTrap® HD binding ligand

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EndoTrap affinity chromatography is one principal method for cleaning biological solutions from endotoxin contaminations. The EndoTrap ligand is a protein by nature, which is bound to the polymeric bead-matrix by stable covalent bonds. However, leakage of minute amounts of ligand is a matter of fact for all affinity materials and testing on these contaminants is often required for regulatory purposes. Depending on the intended use of the preparation and the step in the purification process (early or late), where EndoTrap is used, a quantitative analysis of residual EndoTrap ligand might be required. The EndoTrap Leakage ELISA was developed to allow an accurate and reproducible determination of small amounts of EndoTrap ligand in biological samples. This ELISA is suitable for detection of leached ligand from EndoTrap HD resin.


  • Measuring Range: 2000 pg/ml to 31.25 pg/ml
  • Limit of Quantification (LOQ): 31.25 pg/ml EndoTrap HD ligand
  • Not suitable to detect leached EndoTrap red ligand.
EndoTrap Leakage ELISA for endotoxin (LPS) binding ligand determination

Item no. 800033
12 x 8 well stripes, 1 vial POD-Antibody,
1 vial Standard, 20 ml ABTS Substrate, ready to use
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