EndoTrap® family: Endotoxin removal products

EndoTrap®, affinity chromatography for highly specific and efficient endotoxin removal

** The EndoTrap product range will be discontinued as of 31 December 2017, please contact Hyglos for more information **

EndoTrap® removes endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides/LPS) from aqueous solutions of a wide range of samples such as proteins, antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acids, buffers and cell extracts with excellent sample recovery rate.
EndoTrap® has been used for the elimination of endotoxin in more than 200 publications.

New Performance Data for EndoTrap®

A new study describes the efficiency of four endotoxin removal resins from different suppliers including EndoTrap®. EndoTrap® HD supplied by Hyglos was shown to be the most effective resin for removing endotoxins and recovering protein in comparison to the other resins tested.

EndoTrap Endotoxin Removal Kits for non-toxic & highly specific LPS removal


  • Best-in-class endotoxin binding capacity of > 5,000,000 EU/ml
  • Removes more than 99.99%* of LPS
  • Excellent sample recovery rate >95%*
  • Non-toxic bacteriophage-derived ligand, no cytotoxic effects
  • Re-use more than 10 times
  • Quick and easy to use in column (gravity flow) or batch mode
  • Up-scaling on fully automated liquid-chromatographic systems possible

Products & Applications:

EndoTrap® redEndoTrap® HD
LPS binding capacity:> 2,000,000 EU/ml resin> 5,000,000 EU/ml resin
Reusability:3 timesMore than 10 times
pH sample buffer:6-94-10
Suitable Buffers:Calcium chelatorsSuitable for high salt conditions
(> 150 mM NaCl)
Sample Applications:Proteins,
Plant extracts,
Automated systems,
Biomanufacturing processes
*Measured values for BSA, MAK (monoclonal antibody) and POD (peroxidase) with EndoTrap HD®.

For further characteristics (sample concentration, detergents, bacterial strains) see "Short introduction into the EndoTrap® family" (page 2).

For a list of purified samples and recommended EndoTrap® resins see the Costumer Application List.

For further information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about EndoTrap® or contact Hyglos' technical support team.

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