Endotoxin-free EndoGrade® Glass Test Tubes

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), or endotoxins are very stable molecules, with their biologically active part surviving extremes of temperature and pH in comparison to proteins.

To meet the requirement of our customers we provide depyrogenated borosilicate EndoGrade® Glass Test Tubes with aluminium screw cap at superior quality.


Endotoxin level: < 0.005 EU/ml
Capacity: 5 ml
Height: 50 mm
Outer glass diameter: 16.1 mm
Aluminium screw cap 
Plain edge (stand-alone ability)
Wall thickness: 0.95 mm
Convenient endotoxin-free pipetting

Hyglos' endotoxin-free glass test tubes are applied to dilute or aliquot samples and are ideal vessels for the dilution of the endotoxin standard contained in the EndoLISA® kit and for sample collection after EndoTrap® endotoxin removal.

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Depyrogenated endotoxin-free EndoGrade® Glass Test Tubes (< 0.005 EU/mL)

EndoGrade® Glass Test Tubes, 112 Tubes

Item no. 800050
112 endotoxin-free (< 0.005 EU/ml) borosilicate glass test tubes with aluminium screw cap, capacity 5 ml, height 50 mm