EndoGrade® family: Endotoxin-free Reagents and Accessories

Microbiological contamination is a well-recognized problem of research reagents. In particular, endotoxins often lead to artefacts, cross-reactivity and in turn misinterpretations in cell culture or animal trials. With our EndoGrade® product range, we meet our customers' demand for endotoxin-free reagents and accessories.

Endotoxin-free EndoGrade Ovalbumin 1000 mg

Ultra-pure Ovalbumin [<0.1 EU/mg] for e.g. allergy research. >> Product & order information

Endotoxin-free [<0.005 EU/ml] borosilicate glass test tubes

Endotoxin-free [<0.005 EU/ml] borosilicate glass test tubes. >> Product & order information.


Ultra-pure water [<0.001 EU/ml] for endotoxin-free reconstitution and dilution of test samples and reagents. >> Product & order information